Fantasycon 2017

It’s been ages, I know, since I last posted here. I’ve ticking away in the background – revising a novel, reading up on Pliny the Younger as background for another, completing a teaching qualification – but all these are things easiest done in private.

But I thought I should break silence to say that I’ll be at Fantasycon in Peterborough this weekend. More than that, I’m taking part in a couple of panels on Saturday, one on Grimdark Fantasy and the other on Good versus Evil. Good, meaty topics, both of them. It should be an interesting evening, and it’s one I’m very much looking forward to; it’s not every day one gets to talk about books in such august company. And I do like talking about books… So – if you’re there – do come along and say hello.

On Sunday night, after the Con, I’ll be reading from After the Ruin as part of Fiction Fix at the Draper’s Arms in the Cowgate, Peterborough – many thanks to Helen Gould for the invitation.

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