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The Crooked Path
My second novel, The Crooked Path, was published on 20th September 2016 by Hadley Rille Books as a paperback and e-book. The gorgeous cover art is by Yana Naumova. This book is something of a prequel to After the Ruin, and can be ordered from your local bookshop (ISBN: 978-0-9971188-1-0) or online from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


In the land of Ittachar, a potter lives beside the sea. Each day passes by like any other until a creature carved from driftwood comes to life. It carries him across the waves to Liùtha, a woman blighted by an old man’s dying curse. Liùtha wants her past undone; the potter wants adventure. But adventures are seldom so simple as they first appear. The potter’s oath to undo the curse is given freely but skill, strength and an honest heart are nothing against a dead man’s hatred. If he keeps his promise, Liùtha’s past will steal his future from him.

Who can tell a brave man from a fool?

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After the Ruin
My first fantasy novel, After the Ruin, is available as a paperback, orderable from your local bookshop (ISBN: 978-0-9892631-5-3), or as an e-book from Amazon in the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia and Canada (mobi) or epub (Barnes & Noble; Fishpond). The cover art is by Yana Naumova.


What is the price of a man’s life? An apple? A sword? A kingdom?

There are many ways to leave a life in ruins. But ruined lives go on, and so, after the ruin, there is love, sweet as roses on a summer’s evening. But love is such a little thing, no stronger than a candleflame at noontime. For, after the ruin, Averla, fire made flesh, is hiding in the light. She will use lover against lover, sister against brother, father against son, to build again her kingdom of everlasting fire. Love is not enough to set against her fierce desire. As well seek to turn back the tide with a wall of sand.

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Short stories
There are also two sets of short stories, available as e-books, set in the same world as  The Crooked Path and After the Ruin.

Tales from the Later Lands (four stories)

A young man deep in love makes a promise, and later finds that he must keep it. Elsewhere, a seal takes off her skin and walks above the tideline for a twelvemonth and a day. A star rises to lead a man to glory and destruction, and, at another time, in another place, a king follows a beggar into the eternal halflight of the borderlands in search of his lost love.

An End and a Beginning (two stories)

A caged bird is not fit for freedom, as the Chamberlain’s wife finds as she steps through the patterns of the dances in the court in Ohmorah. But, though an oath is broken and a promise kept, her dearest wish may yet be granted.

Reading order
All the stories, long or short, are complete and stand-alone, and so can be read in whichever order you encounter them. They do, however, all interlink with each other. Should you prefer to read them in chronological order of events it’s
Tales from the Later Lands
The Chamberlain’s Wife (part one of An End and a Beginning)
The Crooked Path
Banish Misfortune (part two of An End and a Beginning)
After the Ruin