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Ill winds are blowing

Two triolets Both say much the same thing because I wrote the first and then turned it into the second to fit the character limit for twitter. 1) Ill winds are blowing Out of the west CertaintiesĀ going Ill winds are … Continue reading

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Variations on a theme

This evening, asĀ an exercise, I tried to write essentially the same poem in three different forms: One Unweave the rainbow Spread a bright skein of fancy Across a white page Two The page is white, The pen at hand: Let … Continue reading

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Micropoetry (two lovers eventually find happiness)

My friend Jane Dougherty and I occasionally play around together on Twitter writing micropoetry. One of us will offer a prompt, the other responds and so on. We were doing so the other night. Jane’s posted her contributions already on … Continue reading

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