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Ill winds are blowing

Two triolets Both say much the same thing because I wrote the first and then turned it into the second to fit the character limit for twitter. 1) Ill winds are blowing Out of the west Certainties¬†going Ill winds are … Continue reading

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Variations on a theme

This evening, as¬†an exercise, I tried to write essentially the same poem in three different forms: One Unweave the rainbow Spread a bright skein of fancy Across a white page Two The page is white, The pen at hand: Let … Continue reading

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Micropoetry (two lovers eventually find happiness)

My friend Jane Dougherty and I occasionally play around together on Twitter writing micropoetry. One of us will offer a prompt, the other responds and so on. We were doing so the other night. Jane’s posted her contributions already on … Continue reading

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