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Dawn Rising by A.F.E Smith

This isn’t so much a book review as a whoop of delight. A.F.E. Smith, author of the Darkhaven novels, has a new book out. It’s called Dawn Rising and is an absolutely fabulous read.   I’ve been hoping it would appear … Continue reading

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Imacah’s song

There are several songs in After the Ruin.  Like the map, they’re there to give the impression of a world that is rather larger than the story between the covers of the book. The book was inspired by ballads so it felt … Continue reading

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If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know I’ve a new book coming out in September, The Crooked Path. The back cover calls it a prequel to After the Ruin, which is close enough. The more accurate wording is ‘A … Continue reading

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Publication date for ‘The Crooked Path’

I have a publication date for The Crooked Path. It will be published by Hadley Rille Books on 22 September 2016, the day of the autumn equinox here in the northern hemisphere. It’s not a random date. The Crooked Path is a prequel (and … Continue reading

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Comfort reading: five novels

I posted a good while ago about songs. This post is about books (not mine, though do go and have a look at it!). These aren’t my favourite books (I’d be hardpressed to name those, and my list would change with mood and weather) nor those … Continue reading

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Work in progress II

Time for some prose, I think. My second novel is, right now, ready for my editor’s comments. That means I can give myself over to thinking about the next book. I’ve spoken of it before, here; and there’s still a deal of work … Continue reading

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Bones and silence (an image from a tale not told)

The following is something I wrote ages back. The story I’d had in mind – something very loosely based on Thomas the Rhymer – never properly coalesced and so this fragment is all there is. Maybe I’ll revisit it some day. … Continue reading

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Ballads and books: The inspirations behind ‘After the Ruin’

The following post was originally published on Heroines of Fantasy on 23rd March 2015. Louise Turner has invited me here today (Louise, Thank you!) to talk about After the Ruin. You will, I hope, read it for yourself so I … Continue reading

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Out in the wild

After the Ruin is published. And this makes me very, very happy. Thank you to Terri-Lynne DeFino and Eric T. Reynolds of Hadley Rille Books. It took a long time, for reasons none of us could foresee back in 2013, … Continue reading

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