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Lady Glencora and Lord Bateman

I’m going to follow up my post on Kidnapped with another one exploring a folk song reference in a nineteenth century novel. This time the book is Anthony Trollope’s Can You Forgive Her? and the song is Lord Bateman (sometimes … Continue reading

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Knights, and their impossible demands

More upon knights in this post (for some reason, my readers like posts about knights and who am I to disappoint them?).  Child Ballad no. 2 is The Elfin Knight. It has a certain overlap with The Outlandish Knight (Child … Continue reading

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True loves and happy endings

Well, parrots have had a mention but they’re not the only talking animals to be found in folksong. The Broomfield Hill or The Broomfield Wager (Child Ballad no. 43) has a positive menagerie of talking beasts, though all are rather less exotic … Continue reading

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