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Twitter – and other – poems

It’s been a long time, for which I offer neither explanation nor apology. Here are a few recent poems. The shorter ones have featured on twitter. I’m there more often than I’m here, but still not often. I took his … Continue reading

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Ill winds are blowing

Two triolets Both say much the same thing because I wrote the first and then turned it into the second to fit the character limit for twitter. 1) Ill winds are blowing Out of the west Certainties going Ill winds are … Continue reading

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Twitter poems

A few poems, written whilst I was away over New Year. Most were posted first on Twitter (micropoetry is, for me, the best thing about Twitter) and thus written quickly, reflecting the medium. Curlews Curlews take flight Beyond the stone … Continue reading

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A(nother) triolet

From the beginning To the end Blind fate sits spinning. From the beginning, Silently grinning, Foe and friend, From the beginning To the end.

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A couple of triolets

Back to verse after a run of prose. The prompt for this pair of triolets was a line in a previous post (…what had been left behind was lovely). What is left behind is lovely Though the moments slip away Though sunset … Continue reading

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Variations on a theme

This evening, as an exercise, I tried to write essentially the same poem in three different forms: One Unweave the rainbow Spread a bright skein of fancy Across a white page Two The page is white, The pen at hand: Let … Continue reading

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In the absence of any news or thoughts about novel writing, here are a few poems. Most were written quickly for twitter. Triolets A rising tide A fullblown moon In crimson dyed A rising tide Sense override To sleep too … Continue reading

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A trio of triolets

The first two I wrote as twitter poems. I wondered about adding some punctuation but decided in the end I preferred them without. There is no prize for identifying the subject of three. One Open the door The fire burns bright Excrucior Open … Continue reading

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Two triolets

Well, having played around with villanelles, I’ve been trying with triolets. It’s another tightly constrained form of verse. This time, there are eight lines with the rhyme scheme ABaAabAB. The first, fourth and seventh lines are the same, and so … Continue reading

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