In the absence of any news or thoughts about novel writing, here are a few poems. Most were written quickly for twitter.


A rising tide
A fullblown moon
In crimson dyed
A rising tide
Sense override
To sleep too soon
A rising tide
A fullblown moon

(A confession: I slept through the recent bloodmoon. I tried to stay awake, but, well. Just as well there’s another due in 2018)

The tide is rising
Cross the shore
Wi’ speed surprising
The tide is rising
A day’s devising
Lost evermore
The tide is rising
Cross the shore


Words create substance
Rising tides of images
Take flesh in your mind.

The train hastens east
But my heart is left behind
Across the water.

Seven curlews probe
In the lea by the stone wall
Shadows thickening.

Harp and carp, Thomas,
From a tongue that cannot lie
Truth runs deep and clear

(Indeed, it’s my old friend Thomas the Rhymer, straying from his ballad into a haiku)

Moon clasps her shadow
The king drinks his blood-red wine
As the ship founders

(Another condensed ballad: Patrick Spens. It’s a story crying out to become a film: omens, foreign lands, politics, betrayal, shipwreck… Sometimes, on long journeys, I ponder actor choices for the Hollywood version.)


‘In my heart,’ he says,
‘There are many chambers
Where you may long dwell.’
‘In your heart,’ she says,
‘I can never come to rest
So loud the thunder.’

Within his blood
The restless sea
Falls & rises
Upon the shore
With heart of stone
She watches waiting
All alone.

I the stem,
You the shoot.
You the leaf,
I the root.
I the flower,
You the fruit.
You the singer,
I the song,
Time is short
But love is strong.

‘Cras,’ says the raven
(Wise bird he).
‘Now!’ says the lover
(Young fool he).
‘Vengeance!’ says the old king
Home from sea.
‘Cena,’ says the raven
Feasting merrily.

Poems, like cats, cannot be coaxed
They slink half-seen through half-rhyme
Lurk in the margins of metre
And will not come when wanted.

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5 Responses to Fragments

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  2. I shouldn’t have read this post. Makes me want to put my head in a bucket of water.

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