Two triolets

Well, having played around with villanelles, I’ve been trying with triolets. It’s another tightly constrained form of verse. This time, there are eight lines with the rhyme scheme ABaAabAB. The first, fourth and seventh lines are the same, and so are the second and eighth. That doesn’t leave much room to manoeuvre.

Here’s what I’ve managed so far. This first, short one I posted on twitter a few days ago and was further constrained by the character limit.

Upon the hill
A harebell bends
Close by the rill.
Upon the hill
I looked my fill.
As this day ends,
Upon the hill
A harebell bends.

This next one is an in-world monologue. The speaker is the protagonist of my work-in-progress. No, I’m not actually writing a fantasy novel in verse and the character in question isn’t the sort of chap who’d be moved to poetry. Thing is, even though I’m having a night off writing and revising, I still can’t shake the characters out of my head. Think of this as hiatus versified.

Love, I will keep watch if you wish to rest.
I know you are full weary and would sleep.
Be easy; let your cares slip from your breast,
Love, I will keep watch. If you wish to rest,
Sleep, knowing I am ready for each test,
Bright bronze my lifeblood, as yours the briny deep.
Love, I will keep watch, if you wish to rest.
I know you are full weary and would sleep.

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3 Responses to Two triolets

  1. A character less likely to take to versifying is hard to imagine 🙂 You’ve made an attractive couple of poems despite the constraints. I salute you!

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