Micropoetry (two lovers eventually find happiness)

My friend Jane Dougherty and I occasionally play around together on Twitter writing micropoetry. One of us will offer a prompt, the other responds and so on. We were doing so the other night. Jane’s posted her contributions already on her site. Do go and read them there – they are quite lovely. Here, in order and with punctuation added, is my side of the game:

Hills cradle the light
Reaching their fringed fingers out
To cup the sunset

It grows late, he says,
Shadows wax long:
Love, let me come in.

At your back, she says,
No shadow falls.
Love, I’ll not let you in.

No frost, love, tonight the stars
Burn with summer’s fire;
And it is jasmine, love,
Tangled in my hair.

She bars the door.
He turns away,
And so begins
Another day.
They’ll never see
What might be
‘Til apples grow
On an orange tree.

Her heart is sore?
He is in sight
Open the door
Upon the night
Then nevermore
(Oh such delight)
Need hearts be raw.

The night is dark
Her heart is light
His hand in hers
Such sweet delight
Across the lake
Two swans take flight.

You’ll find lots of other poems on Jane’s site, and much else about her books and her writing. Do go and take a look.

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6 Responses to Micropoetry (two lovers eventually find happiness)

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  2. I wouldn’t mind being a hedge witch but I don’t have the relevant qualifications.

  3. Mark Nelson says:

    Harriet! This is actually how The Poets of Pevana got started. Check out the “duel” in ch 6. Some of that developed over an extended period on a message board for the rock band, Styx. In fact, the character Devyn Ambrose is based off my buddy who sparred with me.

    • Mark, that’s fascinating. I’ll be sure to check it out. Jane would probably run a mile in the opposite direction if I claimed anyone in my current MS was based on her: she’s read most of it.

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