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All the time I’ve not been keeping up this blog I’ve been writing book reviews over at the Heroines of Fantasy site. I thought I’d post the list of the books I’ve reviewed to date. In the future I’ll update with a new review on the first Wednesday of even-numbered months.

everything you know, Mary Beth Bass (5th February 2014)

Zero Sum Game, SL Huang (2nd April 2014)

The First Blast of the Trumpet, Marie Macpherson (4th June 2014)

Summer reading, various authors (6th August 2014)

The Deepest Ocean, Marian Perera (1st October 2014)

Everything I Know About Zombies I Learned in Kindergarten, Kevin Wayne Williams (3rd December 2014)

Half Life, SL Huang (4th February 2015)

Unseemly Science, Rod Duncan (1st April 2015)

Book reviews on Heroines of Fantasy

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