The best laid plans…

It’s been a difficult time since the last post. On 2nd February, Eric Reynolds, the publisher of Hadley Rille Books, fell seriously ill. It’s not my place to say much more here, save that I wish Eric well with all my heart and his family have my deepest admiration for their strength at what is a very difficult time for them.

This means that the publication date of Tales from the Later Lands has been pushed back. I’ll let you know more when I do.

However, here is a map of those Later Lands, drawn and printed by Douglas Reed who has done an amazing job in turning my words into a world.


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1 Response to The best laid plans…

  1. Very nice map. The lack of N and S points on the compass is intriguing. I can see how it links to the notion of balance in your world. Hope your publisher makes a full recovery and your publication works out.

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